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Durability of Zirconium Crowning

Zirconium, which has a very solid structure behind its transparent appearance, is one of the most preferred crowning methods. Zirconium is a substance that is shaped by changing due to its structure. It becomes ready to use by passing through various temperatures and finalizing with digital processes. It is carefully applied to the tooth surface by dentists.

How is Zirconium Crown Applied?

It is a very simple method to apply for both the dentist and the patient. First of all, the procedures to be performed on the teeth are determined in the first examination. Then, a photo is taken with the patient. Photos are transferred to digital media. After that, the patient continues to progress with the dentist common decision.

The size of the teeth, the number of teeth to be made, color selection, fit to the face and naturalness are adjusted.

Teeth are measured in digital environment. Measuring in metal-supported crowning can be quite troublesome. The pastry substance placed in the mouth could disturb patients. However, since technology is used in making zirconium veneers, it is not necessary to endure such troubles. With the measurement process, the zirconium crowning is processed in a laboratory environment. This period varies between 3 and 5 days. (This period may vary depending on being busy of dentist and clinical studies.)

When zirconium crowns arrive, the patient is shown the final form of the teeth for the last time. With the approval of the patient, the teeth to be crowned are processed.

The surfaces of the teeth are rasped in a small amount in the form of strips. The reason for this is to prevent protrusion on the tooth surface when the zirconium crowning is attached. After the rasping process, the dentist takes the transparent zirconium material and fixes it to the natural tooth by applying its special adhesive. This fixing process requires a lot of attention. The slightest mistake and carelessness can cause the crowning to be wasted. The purpose of zirconium crowning is to give a natural appearance. The gingiva and zirconium veneers must be meticulously combined.

Is Zirconium Veneer Broken Quickly?

Zirconium material is very resistant and durable. However, although it is durable, it can be damaged in some cases, as in natural teeth.

It is useful to keep hard and crusted foods away from your teeth. It will be useful to use another object instead of breaking it with your tooth.

In addition, it is useful to stay away from habits such as grinding and clenching teeth.

If you are more sensitive about these issues, zirconium crowning can be used for many years. Its transparent appearance and durability are completely different from each other.

Does Zirconium Crowning Fall Off?

The zirconium crowning fixed to the natural tooth with its special adhesive content does not cause situations such as falling from the tooth or moving. You can use it just like your natural tooth.

Will There Be A Color Change In Zirconium Crowning?

Zircon material goes through processes and takes the form of zirconium. The surface of this material is sensitive to stain formation. Since it has a slippery surface, foods that discolor teeth such as tea, coffee, cigarettes do not affect the zirconium tooth crowning. It also does not allow the formation of tartar. The tooth surface always looks white and clean. It provides a great advantage for patients with aesthetic concerns.

Will There Be Pain When Applying Zirconium to Teeth?

Since small touches are made during the application, the patient does not slog on. Since the procedures performed by applying local anesthesia are already simple, you will not feel pain. Bonding is the most comfortable part. Of course, it is the part that requires the most meticulousness in terms of the dentist.

Zirconium Crowning Cost

Each patient has their own unique problems, desires and needs. It is not possible to say a fixed price. Why does the patient have zirconium crowning? Is there any treatment that needs to be done to teeth and gums? How many teeth will zirconium be applied to? These and similar questions cause the price to vary. An average price can be learned at the first examination.

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