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Metal Braces

Metal braces are an effective orthodontic treatment method and have helped many patients achieve successful results correcting their dental irregularities. This treatment method provides successful results with an appropriate treatment plan and regular check-ups.

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The use of braces can be done not only for people with tooth distortion, but also for reasons such as jaw structure disorder, chewing problem, mouth structure appearance, having interval between teeth. Metal braces are a very important application for orthodontic treatment.

What Is Metal Braces Used For?

Metal braces are used for many dental problems. Some of those;

  • It is applied in distorted situations as a result of jaw curvature and slippage.
  • It is applied when there is more gap between teeth than it should be.
  • It is applied in cases of perplexity in the tooth structure.
  • It can be applied as a result of the tooth coming out where it should not be.
  • It can be done if the teeth are too protruding outward.
  • It is applied in case of incompatibility between jaw and upper teeth.
  • It is applied to people with smile phobia.
  • It is applied for people who are not satisfied with their appearance in terms of aesthetic appearance.

Metal Braces Application Stage

The first step for metal braces is to determine the procedures to be performed on the tooth.

Then the dentist extracts the teeth that need to be extracted or intervenes in the decayed teeth.

After these processes, it is time for measurements. 3D method is used with the help of digital instruments in measuring. This method allows the measurement to be made with the least difference.

Then the surface of the teeth is filed. The purpose of this process is to facilitate the bonding of the brackets.

Then, bracket placement on the teeth begins. Then the process is fixed with the arc wires. Since metal teeth are strong due to their structure, it may take time for the teeth to take their shape.

Metal Braces Usage

Braces application is an effective treatment method. Although it is difficult to get used to the first days of wearing, it becomes in harmony with the tooth in a short time.

Braces do not affect your eating, speaking, laughing.

What Happens If Braces Are Not Attached?

Braces are an application that anyone can use and has positive results. However, what happens if the patient does not want to wear braces? Although it varies according to the jaw and tooth problem, surgical procedure is applied in case of advanced problems. The patient who does not want to have braces on the tooth that will have a simple fixing procedure may be exposed to more painful treatment methods.

Does Metal Braces Hurt?

Metal braces application construction phase is a very comfortable process. During the insertion phase, the patient does not feel pain.

How to Clean Metal Braces?

Metal braces are very durable in terms of use. However, it is a treatment process that you need to be careful about. It is possible that there are food residues around the braces. In addition, dental arches are one of the suitable places for food residue to accumulate. With the help of a special toothbrush, the back sides of the teeth and braces should be carefully cleaned.

Do Metal Braces Damage Teeth?

The use of braces is a treatment method that requires care. If attention is not paid about teeth cleaning;

There may be discoloration of the teeth.

There may be a risk of rotting due to food residue.

If you pay attention to these issues, metal braces will never harm your teeth.

Is Teeth Extracted Without Attaching Metal Braces?

One of the reasons for wearing braces is the problem of tooth compatibility with the jaw. Some people may have a small jaw structure. Based on this, the tooth structure and number do not fit into the jaw structure and pressure occurs between the teeth. If this problem is detected, tooth extraction can be performed by the dentist. Thus, the number of teeth is reduced. The jawbone gets rid of compression.

Metal Braces Prices

Before metal braces are applied, damage to the teeth is detected incompletely. The number of teeth to be applied and the material used cause the prices to vary. Fill in the form below to get a personalized metal braces price.

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