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Implant Supported Bridge

Implant-supported bridge construction is a very comfortable procedure. Implant bridge is a very comfortable and healthy application for the loss of one or more teeth.

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Implant supported bridge formation is a very comfortable application. Implant bridge is a very comfortable and healthy application in case of loss of one or more teeth. Not every patient uses denture for more than one tooth loss. In particular, removable denture are not recommended for all age groups in terms of both visual and usage. However, implant application reveals very successful results in patients seeking aesthetics. Thanks to the metal screws placed in the jawbone, it acts as a tooth root. Thus, a connection is created between the upper tooth and the root of the jaw. Then the apparatus that looks like a tooth is placed on the implant. Finally, porcelain teeth are attached. This process is also applied for more than one tooth loss.

How Long Is Implant Supported Bridge Implementation Time?

After the implant placing phase is passed, the jaw structure and teeth are measured. In the digital environment, the tooth takes its final shape. Then it is prepared in a laboratory environment. This period takes one to two weeks. During this period, an average of three sessions are visited by the dentist. Deficiencies are eliminated and general examination are made. Your implant-supported bridge procedure will be done within two weeks at the latest.

Does Every Tooth Need An Implant?

In teeth with more than one cavity, an implant supported bridge is applied. In traditional dental bridges, lateral teeth are cut and support is provided. However, in this application, even if three or four tooth losses are side by side, it is possible to make bridges with two implants. One implant is placed at both ends of the empty spaces. Two teeth remain on the implanted side. The tooth in the middle area is held by the implants and the implantation is done.

Implant Supported Bridge Advantages

One of the most important features of this process is;

  • While applying the bridge, it does not harm healthy teeth. The bridge is fixed through implants and the adjacent teeth are not damaged.
  • Another good thing is that it is fixed like natural teeth. Natural tooth comfort is provided with the procedure performed on the jaw root.
  • It is possible to say that it makes a difference to other bridge types because of its aesthetic appearance.
  • In some applications, the bridge process is not able to create a nice image. This is particularly undesirable for younger patients. With the implant-supported bridge, a natural and uncertain process is applied.

In addition, the implant is a long-lasting substance due to the material it contains. This makes it advantageous.

Over Implant Bridge Care

Since it is an artificial application, it requires a little more care and cleaning. Compared to natural teeth, the rate of wear, exposure, and the ingredients in its content are directly proportional to cleaning. If you want a long-lasting use;

Do not neglect to brush your teeth twice a day and mouthwash. You should also be sensitive about nutrients. Hard, shelled foods should be avoided. Although it is built on a solid structure, the porcelain tooth on it can be damaged.

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