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Reshape your smile with Invisalign. Get a confident smile at every moment by combining the teeth straightening experience with aesthetics, comfort and practicality thanks to transparent, removable plates.

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This application has made a breakthrough in orthodontic practice. It is also known as wireless tooth fixing application. This process is applied through transparent plaques placed on the teeth.

How is Invisalign applied?

The dentist applying this procedure must have an invisalign application certificate. For this application, which requires a special preparation, the latest technology is used abundantly. In the first examination, the damage to the teeth is detected. It is determined whether there is a need for treatments such as filling, crown and implant. Then, these procedures are done if necessary, and then the measurements are made for invisalign application. Teeth are planned in a digitally supported 3D environment. Then the preparation of the plaques is started. Plaque is a thin and transparent structure. It is prepared in separate sizes for each tooth. Movement distance is designed as 0.05 mm.

In addition, these plaques are changed at short intervals. The approximate life cycle varies between 13 and 15 days. After the plaques are completed, they are placed on the patient’s teeth. It is a very comfortable and simple method.

Used Invisalign

Invisalign is very easy to use. Structures prepared by CAD-CAM method can be easily attached to the teeth. It is easily placed on the tooth because it is according to the exact shape of your tooth structure. It will then be used up to 15 days according to your dentist’s directions. After 15 days, the plaques will be changed.

Does Invisalign Cause Pain?

Transparent structured invisalign does not cause pain when attached to the tooth. It can put pressure on the teeth for a few days. The reason for this is that smooth of up to 0.5 mm is expected due to the straightening of the teeth. This feeling of pressure can be felt for a maximum of three days.

Is Invisalign Suitable for All Ages?

It is an application that does not harm teeth and gums. Therefore, it can be applied to almost everyone. However, in young children, the baby tooth must have been removed. Since it cannot be applied to milk teeth, that period must be passed.

An exception is for seriously problematic tooth structures. This application is not recommended for excessively crooked teeth.

How Long Is Invisalign Used?

The duration of this application can vary from person to person. Factors such as the condition, age and care of the teeth lengthen or shorten the time. Its average duration is between 9 and 15 months. It should not be forgotten that it should be changed every 15 days during this period.

How Many Plaques Are Attached to Teeth?

It is not necessary to apply full plaque to the teeth. It needs to be replaced with plaques whose size is changed every 15 days. It is considered as a readjustment distance of 0.25 to 0.5 mm for 15 days. Therefore, the new invisalign will be prepared according to this ratio.

How Many Hours Do You Have To Wear It A Day?

Plaques should remain on the teeth for most of the day. It should be in teeth for about 20 to 22 hours. You can also take it off while eating or drinking.

What is the Difference Between Invisalign and Braces?

Braces negatively affect the appearance aesthetically. However, this image is not created with invisalign application.

Since there is no metal in the tooth, problems such as wounds, itching and allergies are not experienced.

It is a simpler and painless method compared to braces treatment.

Braces can make speech difficult and make some words difficult to pronounce. However, these situations do not occur in invisalign application.

In terms of cleaning, braces are quite challenging. It is necessary to clean the gaps, gaps and the back of the teeth thoroughly. Since there is a wire, this process takes quite a bit of time. However, invisalign is a material that is very easy to install and remove. You can even take it off while eating and then put it back on.

On your special occasions, it can be quite uncomfortable to be seen with braces. You cannot hide this view as it is not in a situation like removing and putting it back in. However, invisalign eliminates this problem.

The difference between the duration of braces treatment and the duration of invisalign treatment is not a negligible situation. When two different methods are used for patients with similar problems, the braces treatment process is a bit longer. This is also a negative situation for the patient.

Invisalign- The most important reason why wireless treatment is preferred is that it provides an aesthetic appearance while fixing the perplexity of your teeth. Briefly, Invisalign-transparent plaque treatment is a technique developed for patients who need orthodontic treatment to get the smile they want without the use of brackets, taking into account their cosmetic sensitivity. This technique can only be an alternative to braces in certain cases.

The use of transparent brackets is also very comfortable for the patient. Since the plaques used can be inserted and removed by the patient during the treatment period, there is no problem in nutrition and oral care.

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