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Çekmeköy Dental Clinic

When Dişçim İstanbul Çekmeköy Taşdelen Branch was established in 2014, our aim was to create a clinical environment that is open for long hours and breathe new life into dentistry with a friendly and sincere approach. We are happy to serve you with our young and dynamic team in our first branch in Çekmeköy. We are growing rapidly and following innovations to serve you better.

For a reliable clinic in Çekmeköy, meet the quality of Dişçim Istanbul. To Çekmeköy; please not only come for particularly to get services such as implants, laminate veneer, gingivoplasty, zirconium crown but also come for to get our professional health services in dentistry.

Implant within a day in Çekmeköy

Implant treatment in a day at our branch in Çekmeköy! Dişçim Istanbul, which also serves in its Çekmeköy branch, except for Kadıköy and Nişantaşı, is with you with successful dentists with respect to implants in a day. Contact us now to meet the quality of Dişçim Istanbul and to guarantee your oral health with the talented dentists of Çekmeköy.

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