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Kadıköy Branch Dentists

Kemal Sönmez


You can get information about all applications from our Yeditepe University graduate physician. He likes action sports such as kitesurfing and snowboarding.

Anı Türköz


Our Orthodontist, who completed her undergraduate education at Marmara University and her doctorate at Ankara University, loves to travel, dive, nature walks and play tennis.

Volkan Özbalçık


Our physician Bülent Ecevit, who is interested in root canal treatment and composite fillings, graduated from the University. He likes swimming, watching movies and playing tennis.

Alperen Durmuşoğlu


Our physician, who is interested in root canal treatment, composite fillings and prosthetic (zirconium, lamina, porcelain, etc.) treatments, is a graduate of Kocaeli University. He likes swimming, reading books and watching movies.

Can Durusu


Our doctor, who you can get information about all applications, is a graduate of Yeditepe University. It deals with snowboarding and sports.