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The application that protects the tooth due to reasons such as breakage, decay, discoloration, visual disturbance and excessive tooth gaps in the tooth is called a crown.

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There are many types of crown. The most appropriate one is selected and applied according to the needs of the patient. Some of the types of crown are:

Metal Supported Porcelain Crown

The inside of the crown is metal. The outer part is covered with porcelain. While shaping was done with the method called pouring in the past, better results are obtained with the freeze method with the help of technology. In the freeze method, everything is properly sized as it should be.

It is ready to use in 4 sessions at the latest. In this process, the sizes of tooth are taken, the metal structure is shaped, the porcelain surface is made and the process is finished with the final proof.

Full Ceramic Tooth Crown

This crown method is very effective in patients with aesthetic concerns. It is especially applied on anterior teeth. It is an alternative for anterior teeth that are not suitable for laminate veneer. No substance is applied to the inside of the tooth as in other crowns. It does not cause discoloration around the tooth due to its light transmittance. In addition, the filing and cutting process on natural teeth is applied at the least level in the full ceramic tooth crown method. It provides great advantage in this respect.

It provides an application area in single tooth applications, fractures, anterior teeth.

Zirconium Supported Crowns

It is the most compatible crown method for the gums.

Zirconium material allows the tooth to breathe and prevents dullness thanks to its light transmittance. While zirconium crown is made, it is obtained by crowning zirconium upper layer on the lower support part or porcelain crown. Zirconium does not contain metal. Since it is in white color, it is higher to catch the naturalness.

By sensibility of dentist, it is placed on the damaged tooth. It is absolutely indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Zirconium-based crown can be applied even in implant applications.

Porcelain Laminate Veneer Crown

There are many patients who have this crown method, especially for aesthetic concerns.

While applying porcelain laminate, cutting and thinning process is not applied on the teeth. The tooth surface and edges are filed very slightly. Then the teeth are measured and digital tools are used frequently in this application. The measurement taken is shaped by considering the patient’s request and facial structure. Finally, the thin laminate is gently attached to the tooth and the dentist performs his art. Its fragile nature can be deceiving. However, after it is attached to the tooth, it makes you feel its maximum strength.

Do Crowns Damage Teeth?

The crown method applied to the tooth is in a way to protect the tooth. While doing this, processes such as thinning, shrinking, rasping are performed on the teeth. Although these are not good for natural teeth, they are made to save all or the rest of the tooth. The material used is also important in protecting the tooth.

Why Are Crowns Different From Types?

One type of crown is not sufficient in line with the requirements and requests. It is not possible for the aesthetic need and mandatory crowns to be the same. The crowns mentioned with the name of the material used are also divided according to the properties of the material.

How Much Are The Crown Prices?

Crown prices vary from person to person. You can fill in the form below to get a personalized price.

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