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    In our private dental clinic, Dişçim Istanbul, all applications for oral and dental health are performed by our specialist dentists. With our young and successful staff, we offer you quality and friendly service by taking advantage of all technological developments.

    Our Dentists

    Your oral health is entrusted to us at the private dental clinic, Dişçim Istanbul, with our team of young and successful dentists who are experienced in their fields.


    Practical Information about Your Oral Health

    Dental health

    Is bad breath a health problem and how often is it seen?

    Bad breath usually occurs as a result of the breakdown of nutrients and other substances…
    Dental health

    Brushing Techniques

    Knowing tooth brushing and applying it correctly is of great importance to have healthy teeth…
    Dental health

    Things To Know About Toothbrushes

    How should a toothbrush be? Toothbrush has features that should be known and toothbrush selection…