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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening procedures can reduce tooth stains that occur due to habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine or genetic factors. It is recommended to evaluate dental health and consult a dentist before teeth whitening procedures.

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Natural teeth have light transmittance due to their structure and their surface may change color. Everything from food residue to drinks affects the tooth structure. Over time, problems such as yellowing and tartar formation occur. Even if the teeth are brushed in the morning and evening, unfortunately, they do not reach the desired whiteness. At this point, the tooth whitening method comes into play.

How Is Teeth Whitening Done?

How Is Teeth Whitening Done? If you want your teeth to be white, you can try one of these two methods. They are the most effective and reliable methods known. These :

Home Bleaching

The patient applies this procedure himself. It is a procedure for simple tooth coloring. Dental measurements of the patient are taken. Then the measurement taken is reflected on a plastic-looking material. This substance replaces tooth mold. During these procedures, the patient is kept in the chair. Then, a liquid coloring agent is prepared to be poured into the elastic material. The patient puts this fluid-filled substance on his teeth at home. Keeps it in teeth for 4 to 8 hours. This process repeats daily. This process is applied for about 5 weeks. Then they are left with the physician’s approval. This period varies according to the structure of the patient’s tooth enamel.

Teeth Whitening in the Clinic

Those who want to have a bleaching procedure in a short time without waiting leave themselves to the physician. Tough stains and troublesome residues on the teeth may require one or more sessions with this method.

Points to be Considered in the Bleaching Process

Hot-cold Sensitivity: It is the excessive reaction of the teeth to hot and cold foods. This sensitivity can be seen after the bleaching process. However, it won’t take long.

Protection of Gums: Gel applied to teeth to bleach teeth may cause damage when it comes into contact with the gums. In the home teeth whitening method, the gel placed in the tooth mold should be removed immediately with the help of a napkin when it comes into contact with the gums.

In the bleaching process performed under the supervision of a dentist, your dentist performs the whitening process by squeezing a foam-like preservative on the gum area.

Tobacco Products: Tobacco products such as cigarettes and hookah change the color of tooth enamel. Smoking should be avoided for at least 3 days after the bleaching process. In time, enamel can change color depending on smoking.

Home Whitening Process Time: An important point to be considered in this method applied at home is the duration of use. It should be done under the control of the dentist and completed on time. Otherwise, it will damage the tooth enamel instead of whitening the teeth.

Whitening Routine: Teeth that have been whitened can be used for a long time. However, this depends on going to routine check-ups, giving importance to dental health, avoiding smoking etc.

The Harms of Teeth Whitening

Although it is a positive process, it also has some disadvantages. Some of those;

  • If it is present in the tooth, the crowns may be damaged. Mercury, especially in amalgam crowns, can be damaged by the bleaching process.
  • If you have a filling, it can soften the filling material. This can cause cracks in the tooth.
  • It can make a rough layer on the surfaces of treated teeth.
  • There may be a color difference between the artificial teeth-like materials such as veneers and fillings and the natural teeth that have been whitened.

Does Teeth Return to Its Old Color After Bleaching?

There is a direct answer to how you use your teeth after the procedure. Because if you do not do daily care, harmful substances such as acidic and cigarettes are consumed, if you do not go to the control twice a year, the first day’s whiteness will disappear. Even If it does not return to its original state, it will not be the way you want.

Teeth Whitening Price

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