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Zirconium Crown

Zirconium coatings are an option preferred by dentists to achieve aesthetic and durable results. However, because every patient and situation is different, it is important to make an evaluation with your dentist about which restorative method to use.

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There are several substances used in crowns. In the application phase, there are two types. Metal supported crown and crown without metal support. Although it is not paid attention in the cheek teeth, the metal-supported crown in the visible anterior teeth disrupts the aesthetics. It also has an advantageous structure in terms of gum health.

Warranty Period of Zirconium Crowning

Crownings are applications that can vary according to the material used, the variety and extra support. Zirconium crowning has a durable and natural content.

The duration of use differs in terms of warranty. If the expertise of the dentist and the material used is of good quality, the period is extended between 5 and 8 years. With regular doctor control, careful care and sensitive use, this period can be up to 10 years.

Is Zirconium Broken?

Zirconium (zirconium dioxide) material is a special structure that is not easily found in nature. When combined with oxygen, zirconia material emerges. Thus, it becomes a suitable material for use in the field of dentistry.

Its strength and use are optimized by using chemical and technological fields. Thanks to its light transmittance, it makes the teeth look natural. It has a very durable and hard structure. It is resistant to hot and cold. It does not corrode.

It is one of the most suitable tooth crowning options for aesthetic smile design. It can be applied easily in the loss of multiple teeth as well as in the loss of a single tooth. It is very resistant to breakage.

The more you need to pay attention to your natural teeth, the more attention also you should pay to your zirconium crowning.

How Is Zirconium Crown Made?

Crown can be done with different materials. One of them is done with zirconium material. The construction stages generally take place as follows:

  • In the first examination, the damage to the tooth is detected. If the problem that occurs in the tooth requires a crown process, it is intervened in the patient chair.
  • Local anesthesia is applied. Numbness occurs in a short time.
  • The next stage is the thinning of the tooth. With the help of special tools, the tooth circumference and ends are thinned.
  • The purpose of thinning is to prevent the crown placed on it being coarse to the mouth structure.
  • Then the mouth is cleaned and disinfected.
  • Then the measurement is taken.
  • Due to the thinning of the teeth, their appearance will not be aesthetic.
  • You may need to use temporary teeth. You don’t need to wait for this.
  • On the other hand, color selection is made for zirconium veneers, taking into account your natural teeth.
  • The color is determined by taking the opinion of the patient. However, some patients may choose lighter colors than their own tooth tone. It should not be forgotten that the main thing is to capture a natural image.
  • In 5 to 7 days, your zirconium crown is ready.
  • The incoming crown is temporarily adhered to your teeth.
  • Temporary adhesion is for easy removal and correction in case of a problem.
  • Temporary attached zirconium crowns are evaluated in the patient’s mouth for 7 to 10 days.
  • Then, a patient visits his dentist every 6 months for control.

What is Zirconium Abutment?

Zirconium material is unique in variety. It only provides variety in terms of color. Zirconium abutment is the name of the application. Aesthetic is important in anterior teeth. For this reason, a substance called abutment is used to give a natural appearance to the area between the implant and the prosthesis in the teeth that need implants. The aim is to make the image natural.

Can anyone get a zirconium crowning?

Anyone who has a dental problem requiring a crowning can have zirconium veneers. However, up to the age of 20, jaw development and consequently gum enlargement may occur. For this reason, it is recommended that the patient complete the development process.

How long is the zirconium crowning usage period?

It can be used for many years if you care about your dental health. There is no definite time frame on this subject. Since they are personal applications, factors such as use, caring, corrosion rate, damage to the natural tooth affect the duration.

What cannot the people having zirconium veneers eat?

There is no general prohibition or rule for crowning. Inconvenient for natural teeth; Breaking crusted foods with teeth, consuming excessively cold and hot food, and things with fluid adhesion such as chewing gum are considered unfavorable for zirconium crowning. There is no any other prohibition other than these.

Will there be discoloration in zirconium teeth?

Since natural teeth are alive, they are affected by food and drink. However, zirconium, which is an artificial crowning, is not affected by stains and color change. It does not turn from white to yellow over time. However, careful and clean use is still important.

Is the zirconium structure compatible with teeth?

Metal crowning can damage teeth. In particular, it can cause bruising on the gums and mouth odor. However, zirconium is compatible with teeth and gums due to its structure. It also saves the patient from a second procedure because it does not contain metal against allergic reactions. It also does not cause gum disease.

Will the zirconium crowning fall off?

In general, this risk is experienced in teeth with crowning. However, this possibility is much lower with zirconium crowning. However, as a result of decay of the natural tooth due to some reasons, thinning and fracturing occurs in the tooth. This causes expansion of the upper crowning and occurring of gaps. In such a case, you can go to your doctor and solve the problem.

Advantages of Zirconium Crowning

There are many reasons to choose zirconium in your crowning choice. Some of those;

  • Natural tooth enamel has a structure that transmits light. Zirconium also does. Thus, matte appearance is prevented.
  • While the thinning and cutting process is done more in order to create a natural appearance in the crowning process, this process is less in the zirconium crowning.
  • Sensitivity is reduced to a minimum.
  • Gingival incompatibility is more common in metal crowning applied under the teeth. However, zirconium crowning is compatible with teeth. It does not harm the gums.
  • After a while, purplish colors occur around the gums. This is due to the use of metal. However, zirconium does not cause this color.
  • While there may be an allergic reaction caused by under-tooth metal, this problem is not present due to the absence of metal in the zirconium crowning.
  • Color change is almost nonexistent. (This is also about oral care.)
  • There is no change in taste and odor in the mouth. These problems can be experienced in under-tooth metal crowning.
  • Especially in the anterior teeth, the appearance is very important. If you need to have a crowning, you should definitely choose a zirconium crowning. It is important for aesthetics that it has a natural appearance, does not create a purplish color that may occur around the gums, and that the tooth color does not become dull.

Cases You Cannot do Zirconium Crowning

Although the dentist’s decision is also important in this regard, it is not recommended to make zirconium veneers in the following cases:

Zirconium crowning is not preferred when the intervals of tooth loss are high, that is, when more than one tooth should be crowned side by side. The reason is that when there is no tooth supporting zirconium, the risk of fracture increases in the crowns remaining in between. However, if the patient insists on zirconium crowning; It is supported by implant application. Afterwards, zirconium is placed on the tooth. This is a process that increases the cost.

Dentine develops depending on age. Since development continues in children under 18 years of age, it is recommended to apply a lower metal supported crowning instead of zirconium one.

Which Teeth Is Zirconium Crown Applied To?

One of the methods used in dental problems is crowning. Crowning can be applied for decaying teeth, broken teeth, gum related problems. The crownings we offer to our patients; It is in the form of metal supported crowning and non-metal support crowning. Zirconium tooth crowning is in the category of non-metal support veneers.

Zircon tooth crowning:

  • In case of distinct separation between teeth,
  • In case of permanent discoloration of the teeth due to smoking, alcohol use and the bleaching process is ineffective,
  • In repairing, hiding and looking smooth of broken teeth,
  • In the construction of decayed teeth,
  • In case of applying teeth crown where excessive tooth loss,
  • In case the teeth create a negative upward appearance due to gingival recession,
  • In the repair of teeth that have been thinned, shortened, cut before,
  • In the tooth filling process,
  • For patients allergic to metal-supported crowning,
  • In patients with aesthetic image anxiety,
  • In teeth that are damaged in such a way that tooth loss does not interfere with the crowning,
  • In patients who do not want to damage gums and have sensitive gums,
  • Zirconium tooth crowning can be easily applied in structures with crowded and curved teeth.

Is Zirconium Dental Crown Darken?

The zircon structure takes its final shape by going through various processes. Zirconium, which is widely used in dental crownings, is advantageous in many ways. One of these advantages is in terms of color. The surface of zirconium crowns is very slippery and smooth.

Thanks to this feature, it does not cause tartar formation in the teeth. Food residues cannot cling to the teeth and do not cause discoloration.

In addition, products that affect tooth color such as coffee, tea and cigarettes do not change the color of zirconium tooth crownings. However, daily brushing of teeth is very important for a permanent cleaning and long-term use. It should not be forgotten that zirconium crowns need care as well as natural teeth. If anyone is not careful about this issue, all kinds of possibilities can be expected.

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