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Laminate Veneer

Lamina application is a new and impressive way to transform your smile with fine details. Thin porcelain layers provide an aesthetically magnificent smile while protecting your natural tooth structure. Feel the difference in your smile with Lamina, feel more confident and attractive.

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Laminate Veneer also known as leaf porcelain, is among the highly preferred dental applications today. It can be called as sensitive as a leaf due to its fine and its fragile appearance. However, this is all about images. When applied to teeth, it has a very resistant and solid structure. Laminate Veneer, which is preferred by those who give importance to visuality, gives very successful results when applied by successful dentists. It is attractive because it does not damage the tooth, aesthetic and long life.

There are two widely used types of laminate veneer.

Composite Laminate Veneer

It is a composite-based veneer type that fixs problems such as fractures, distortions, and discoloration that cover the surface of the tooth.

This application, which can be done in a single session, is more affordable compared to porcelain lamination. Dental complaints and the patient’s request are important here. During the examination, the dentist can immediately apply the composite laminate process. It is a very simple application that does not require a long time. Caries and fractures that disrupt the visuality undergo great restoration with the meticulous work of your doctor. You can have this application done painlessly and without waiting.

Porcelain Laminate

Porcelain laminate is a widely used method in dentistry. It can be called tooth restoration, which is easily applied to teeth with excessive tooth gaps, discolored distortion, and broken teeth. Porcelain leaves prepared as thin layers are adhered to the surface in accordance with the gum. Depending on the situation, a thin layer of filing can be applied to the tooth structure that is large and protruding. Those who want to have a painless aesthetic smile are quite satisfied with this method.

Who is Laminate Veneer Applied?

Since there is no harmful application to the person, almost everyone can have a laminate veneer, with a few exceptions. Especially;

  • With open tooth gaps,
  • In situations that change the color of the teeth and cause bad appearance, such as smoking, coffee,
  • For those with crooked teeth,
  • Broken teeth
  • The tooth layer that has been filled or crowned but remains larger than necessary,
  • Those who are not satisfied with their teeth psychologically,
  • In the presence of enamel defects,
  • Teeth that do not respond positively to the bleaching process,
  • Tooth enamel problems due to various reasons,
  • Blackness around the teeth after root canal treatment,
  • Patients with genetic dental disorders,

This application is made. The basic requirement can be called aesthetic concern.

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