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What is E-Max Porcelain?

E-Max porcelain has become a widely preferred material in aesthetic dental treatments. However, since every patient and situation is different, it is important to make an evaluation with your dentist about which porcelain to use.

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It means maximum aesthetics. It can be called the best porcelain crown. It is more sensitive than zirconium or metal crown. Therefore, it is not applied to all areas. However, this application is a unique opportunity for people with aesthetic concerns.

E-Max Method

The biggest advantage of this application is that metal is not used. It is especially used for patients who are allergic to metal. In addition, e-max porcelain is recommended for visual purposes.

Metal is not used during application. An artificial appearance occurs due to the materials used in other crown methods. The structure of E-max porcelain is transparent and in a natural color.

Compared to metal-containing crowns, the surface of e-max porcelain is protected against stains and plaque formation.

Technology help is got at every stage from impression to tooth shape. It requires delicate work.

E-max Porcelain Advantages

One of the most advantageous aspects is that it has an aesthetic appearance. On the other hand, since it does not contain metal, it does not cause an allergic reaction. The formation of a purplish color on the gums and the edges of the teeth is not encountered.

Another feature is that it does not damage the tooth structure. Its ingredients are among the most compatible structures with teeth. Since it has light transmittance, there is no matte appearance.

There are many color options. Its outer structure is slippery and smooth. It minimizes tooth sensitivity.

Its slippery surface almost prevents the formation of tartar. This prevents the occurrence of gum ailments.

E-max Porcelain Disadvantages

Since no metal material is used, it is not preferred in back molars. It is slightly more costly than metal coatings.

However, this amount is not much for those who put visuality first.

Who Is E-max Porcelain Applied To?

This procedure is preferred for visuality rather than decayed and broken teeth. Especially, the rate of application in anterior teeth is quite high. E-max porcelain is one of the most frequently used methods in deformed teeth and crooked teeth series that disturb the patient.

Why is E-max Porcelain Not Applied on All Teeth?

E-max application is not preferred in patients more tooth loss. This is because; It is not suitable for long tooth cavity construction. Metal-containing crowns are preferred, especially since the back molars teeth are based on strength. E-max is more suitable for the structure of the incisors due to its structure. Visually, it is applied to the anterior and visible teeth in patients who have e-max due to aesthetic concerns.

How Long Is E-max Porcelain Used?

It is difficult to give a clear answer to this question. However, if cleaning and oral care are done regularly, you can use it for many years without any problems. Having the condition of the teeth checked twice a year will also increase the period of use. Touches that require early intervention are very important.

E-max Porcelain Prices

The price is determined based on the number of teeth to be applied and also whether it will be a single application or not. You can fill in the form below to get a personalized price.

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