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Implant Supported Prosthesis

Implant-supported dentures offer an aesthetic and functional solution for individuals suffering from missing teeth. However, suitability and treatment plan may vary depending on the individual situation. It is important to consult a dentist to learn more about implant-supported dentures and create a personalized treatment plan.

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Implant application is a method applied in patients with missing teeth or completely missing teeth. This procedure can be easily applied in patients with sufficient dental bone structure. The coating to be made on the implant can be made of various materials at the request of the patient.

Use of Removable Dentures

Using removable dentures may take some time. However, if you are patient and determined, you will find comfort. Removable dentures are seen as an adaptation process for the first month. During this period, you should be stable and continue to use it.

In the process of getting used to your new teeth, you may find it difficult to say some words. This is not something to be afraid of. It can be caused by the inability to achieve the cheek, tongue and lip harmony with your teeth.

It is recommended that you put it back on after cleaning your prosthesis during the acclimatization process. It is not recommended to remove it frequently during the period of getting used to the new prosthesis. However, it will be good to remove the teeth while lying down in the next processes, in terms of resting the gums.

Is Adhesive Used on Moving Tooth?

Using adhesives is not recommended by physicians. However, it may be necessary for some patients. It can damage the gums when used for a long time.

Advantages of Implant Supported Prosthesis

First of all , missing teeth prevent human psychology and healthy nutrition. The resulting gaps should be filled with the most natural and useful materials. Implant supported prostheses are one of these applications. It has many advantages. Some of those:

  • It prevents the melting of the tooth bone
  • Provides an aesthetic appearance.
  • Since the implant is made with support, the chewing power is stronger.
  • It is quite simple to clean.
  • The crookedness of the teeth can be corrected.
  • It prevents tooth color and stains on the teeth.
  • It is prepared in smaller sizes compared to traditional prosthesis procedures. This makes it easier to fit in the mouth.

Implant Supported Prosthesis Application

Before starting this procedure, it is determined how many teeth the patient has lost. Then, the compatibility of jaw structure and jawbone height is taken as basis. While it can be applied to a single tooth, patients with complete tooth loss can also benefit from this procedure.

If the necessary conditions for the implant are met, the application can be started.

The patient chooses one of the removable or fixed implant methods for the implant-supported prosthesis.

Removable dental prostheses: Removable dental prosthesis, depending on the tooth condition and material;

  1. Classic Partial Dentures: Also known as hooked dentures. It is a procedure performed by attaching a hook to the remaining teeth in the patient’s mouth. Installation and removal is very easy.
  2. Precision Anchor Dentures: In this procedure, a retaining procedure is performed on the patient’s natural teeth. There is no hook like the classic partial denture.
  3. Full Dentures: Its common name is dentures. This method is used in cases of complete missing teeth. The patient’s teeth are easily inserted and removed. It may require correction from time to time depending on the bone height and volume.
  4. Immediate Prostheses: It is applied to teeth requiring surgical procedure. If all the patient’s teeth are lost or have to be extracted, these procedures are performed and then the intervention is performed. It is used as a temporary prosthesis on teeth that will be implanted.
  5. Overdenture Prostheses: It is a type of removable prosthesis in which the retainers are inside the teeth and acts as a retainer for the natural teeth that are planned to be extracted.

Implant supported fixed dentures:

This application is performed by fixing it on implants placed in the dental bone. The insertion and removal process is not as difficult as removable dentures. The tooth surface is made using metals such as zirconium coating and porcelain coating.

Implant Supported Prosthesis Prices

The price subject varies according to the transaction. Questions such as how many teeth will be made, which procedures are required, the variety and quality of the materials used, whether surgical intervention is required are determined in the first examination. Afterwards, the doctor will tell you the price information. You can contact us below to get a personalized price.

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