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Orthodontic treatment aims not only at aesthetic corrections but also at improving oral functions and jaw structure. Having a proper teeth and jaw arrangement is important to improve chewing functions, increase speaking skills and maintain general oral health.

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It is a branch of dentistry that prevents tooth crowding and skeletal disorders in the jaw and face. The cause of orthodontic problems may be due to hereditary or developmental disorder. In addition, habits such as pacifiers or finger sucking are also effective in the occurrence of the problem.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Possible at All Ages?

Thanks to orthodontics, tooth crowding can be treated at any age. But if the problem is in the skeletal structure, early treatment is very important. Although the most suitable age for orthodontic diagnosis is 6-7 years when the first adult teeth begin to emerge, treatment is possible at any age without age restriction.

Orthodontics Treatments


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