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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is an effective method to protect your tooth and prevent problems such as pain or infection. You can get more information about your condition and learn about appropriate treatment options by meeting with your dentist.

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Root canal treatment is the process of getting infected, getting sick, cleaning and filling as a result of wrong treatment of veins in the tooth roots.

Canal treatment consists of several stages. When the nerve cells in the root are damaged, it sometimes causes unbearable pain.

Who is Root Canal Treatment Applied?

  • For problems occurring under the old crowning,
  • In cases where decayed teeth are difficult to recover,
  • In wrong gum treatments,
  • As a result of damage to the dental pulp,
  • Teeth broken as a result of the impact cause damage to the root,
  • In tooth root infections,
  • Problems caused by incorrect chewing habit,
  • As a result of damage to neighboring teeth during the extraction of wisdom teeth,
  • Swelling in the lymph nodes,
  • Long duration toothache.

How to Understand a Tooth to be Treated?

Not every toothache requires root canal treatment. Some symptoms are harbingers of root canal therapy. Some of those:

  • Apparent discoloration in the tooth,
  • Swelling caused by abscess in the tooth,
  • Excessive sensitivity in hot and cold foods,
  • Sometimes there are no symptoms. However, it is revealed during the general examination with the attention of the dentist.
  • Causeless toothaches,
  • Pain from under the teeth while eating,

Root Canal Treatment Stages

It is a procedure that can take 1-2 hours due to the operation of tooth root and nerve endings.

As a result of the examination, the dentist who decides on the root canal treatment procedure numbs the area around the tooth with a needle.

Then the tooth area is thoroughly disinfected. After this process, the process of entering the root of the tooth begins with thin, pin-like objects. Then, the length of the root canal, ie the working area, is determined. In the next process, the focus is on the root canal space. The channel gap is fixed and the inside is cleaned. Care should be taken during cleaning. If the smallest bacteria remain, it can cause bigger problems in the future.

After the cleaning phase, root canals are filled.

After the process is finished, the crowning or filling process is applied.

Is There Any Pain After Root Canal Treatment?

The numbing procedure performed before starting root canal treatment does not exceed at least 2-3 hours. Therefore, dentists prohibit eating and drinking until the loss of sensation improves.

There may be mild pains and simple pains after the procedure. However, it is not a pain to be afraid of and it is not seen in everyone.

Root Canal Treatment Duration

No peremptory term can be given to any unnatural dental material. However, after root canal treatment, teeth are well cared for, and canal application can be used without pain for many years if applied by a specialist dentist without any problem. The most important factor that prolongs the time is brushing the teeth. Bacteria also affect tooth roots and cause loss of nerve endings.

Is Channel Fill and Pure Fill the Same?

Canal filling is the cleaning of the canals in the root and filling. Filling is the process of cleaning the inside of the damaged tooth and filling it with an active substance. Both are different from each other.

Is Crowning Applied After Root Canal Treatment?

If it is known that root canal treatment is done correctly, many procedures can be done. To understand this, you need to analyze your tooth that you had root canal treatment for at least 6 months. If you do not have complaints such as pain, swelling and inflammation during this period, you can easily get the crowning procedure done.

Root Canal Treatment Prices

Determining the price in root canal treatment; There are many factors such as the stage of root canal treatment, the procedures performed, whether the crowning is applied after root canal treatment, the expertise of the dentist, and the session process. To get a personalized canal treatment price, you can fill out the form below.

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