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Protective Fissure

Preventive fissure treatments are a great way to secure our children’s smiles and protect them from future dental problems. This application prevents the formation of caries by providing an additional protection shield to the surface of tiny teeth. Take this important step now to ensure your children have a healthy and happy smile.

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It is a very important application for children’s oral and dental health. It is applied to prevent decayed teeth that occur in children at certain age periods.

The fissure protector, which we mentioned as important for children, is actually the name of the structure. Fissure is the name given to the indented, slit-shaped cavities in the molar and cheek teeth. These teeth are wide and large. The structure of these chewing teeth is straight and not slippery. Caries usually occur in cavities with indentation formation. First, that area is damaged.

What Is Protective Fissure Made For?

This application is done with the aim of protecting children’s teeth. Since the molars and cheek teeth are used as food grinders, there are residues in the cavities of the teeth. Over time, these food residues damage the tooth. It will cause caries if not taken good care.

Protective fissure is applied to prevent this decay and protect the posterior teeth. Thus, it is aimed to keep teeth well-groomed from childhood.

Can Anyone Do It?

Protective fissure is not a method applied to all ages. It can be applied to milk teeth. Especially in the age group of 6, this is done when the posterior teeth start to come out. Apart from that, it can be applied to children up to 10 years old. However, it is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Protective Fissure Application

This method is done with a very simple application.

  • The tooth surface is disinfected.
  • It is cleaned with a special brush to ensure that there is no residue.
  • Then, the ground is prepared for the fissure application with a special solution.
  • Finally, fissure is drained from the slits.
  • Since it is a liquid and fluid substance, it finds its place by flowing into cavities.
  • Then, light treatment is applied for about 2 minutes with a special tool to freeze the liquid.
  • Since the fissure protector is not applied too much, operations such as cutting and trimming are not required. For this reason freezing is done only by light.
  • Thus, less indentation and protrusion are formed on the surface of the tooth.

Does Fissure Protector Hurt?

This process definitely does not cause pain and ache. We can call it a positive practice for children to overcome dentist fears.

How Long Is Fissure Protector Applied?

In this application, a 3-minute period is sufficient for each tooth. After the liquid enters the slits, it is dried and hardened with the help of a special light.

How Often Is Fissure Protector Used?

This application is not a process that is constantly renewed. Once done, a doctor’s examination is made at regular intervals. In cases such as abrasion, bruising, fracture, the dentist repairs the damaged area.

How Old Can I Use Fissure Protector?

We can say that there is no specific age range. But after the application, if you take good care of your teeth and take care of their cleaning, it can be used until the age of 20s.

Does the Fissure Protector Harm the Child?

The active ingredient in it does not harm children. It can be easily applied by the dentist.

Does Height Happen When Tooth Surface is Covered with Fissure?

Since it is applied as a very thin and liquid layer, it does not create height. Only the cavities are flattened a bit.

Does Fissure Require Protective Anesthesia?

No changes or treatments are made to the teeth. Only fluid drains to the surface. Therefore, there is no need for anesthesia.

Does Fissure Protector Completely Prevent Caries?

At this point, it is important whether the child pays attention to oral and dental health. It is a method to prevent the formation of caries. We can say that it is the most important method of preventing tooth decay until old age.

Fissure Protector Price

Fissure protector prices vary according to mouth structure. You can fill out the form below to get a personalized price.

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