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3D CT Tomography

Use the most advanced technology for modern dental treatment. Keep your teeth safe and healthy with 3D CT Tomography.

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It is one of the most common methods used by dentist in dental diseases. It is the method that is displayed with the help of projection that shows the internal structure of the tooth, soft and hard parts in every direction in digital environment.

In Which Cases Is 3D Tomography Taken?

There is no need for 3d tomography in every dental problem. The physician intervenes in some simple problems without the need for x-rays. However, for some dental problems that need to be sensitive, 3d x-ray is applied. Some of those;

3D tomography application is used in difficult and risky visdom teeth problems. Wisdom teeth removal can be difficult and risky. The distance to the sinuses, vessels and nerves should be checked. This can best be viewed by the 3d x-ray method.

In troublesome situations such as cysts and tumors in the jawbone, it is not intervened cursory. 3D tomography is used to prevent unexpected complications in case of its proximity to the teeth, whether it poses a risk or not.

Is Radiation Too Much While 3D X-Ray Is Applied?

Since the 3d x-ray used in oral and dental disorders is applied to the partial area, the radiation effect it emits is also small. This effect is even less when the lower jaw or upper tooth area x-ray separately.

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