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Dental Filling

Discover our professional dental filling services to protect your smile and support your dental health.

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Filling is a method applied to teeth that are decayed, broken or cracked. In order for the decayed teeth to fulfill their functions, the teeth are restored with various processes and substances. Dental filling is a widely used application since the past. This method, applied without waiting and wasting time, prevents the loss of the tooth completely.

Who is Dental Filling Applied?

  • To the decays occuring at tooth,
  • At broken teeth,
  • At repairing of cracked tooth,
  • Filling is mostly applied against these problems.

Is There Any Pain in Filling?

Filling can be divided into simple and process-requiring. Local anesthesia is usually used in filling. In teeth that need root canal treatment, anesthesia is performed at several points. No pain is felt during the procedure.

Filling Phases

  1. The area to be filled is first determined by x-ray.
  2. It is then emptied with technological tools.
  3. Its surroundings and inside of the tooth are cleaned.
  4. The substance to be applied is selected and prepared by the physician.
  5. Then it is filled into the cleaned tooth.
  6. The machine is used to freeze in a short time.
  7. After the process, the patient opens and closes his mouth and moves it. If there is a disturbing place, the physician gives it its final shape by thinning, cutting, lowering.

Generally, this is the method of filling. However, in fillings made with special materials, waiting time and more than one rehearsal may be required.

Filling Types

There are now more than one filling process option in line with the requirements. Durability and the area used are decisive. Some of the fillings:

1-Gold Fillings

It is one of the most durable and challenging filling types. Especially well suited for the cheek teeth. It does not harm teeth and gums. It is applied by adhering to the tooth.

2-Amalgam (Silver) Fillings

It is also called silver filling among the people. It is more affordable than gold filling. Its color is not compatible with natural teeth. For this reason, it is not applied to the front and visible teeth. Its durability is quite good. Almost half of the material in it is mercury. Other active ingredients are tin, silver and copper. Mercury is harmful when in its pure form. However, when combined with different metals such as silver and tin, there is no harm. It is absolutely not true that it is harmful in public.

3-Composite Filling

This type of filling is widely used. It can be done immediately in the first examination. It is an ideal procedure for cracks, especially fractures. In caries, the tooth is emptied and cleaned. Then it is filled into the composite resin mixture. It is then expected to freeze. Its use in filling large gaps is not recommended. Its fragile structure is not very durable.

It is applied directly to the surface in cracks. Its low cost increases the demand for composite filling.

4- Inlay-Onlay Porcelain Filling

It is prepared and made in a laboratory environment. It can be applied to teeth that require more than one procedure. It does not stain and does not change color. It is not suitable for every budget as its cost is close to gold filling.

Tooth Filling Use

Patients who have fillings have to be more careful in many ways.

Cold and hot foods will damage the fillings.

Hard and shelled foods should be avoided as they will cause the fillings to break.

Tobacco products containing nicotine such as cigarettes and hookahs should not be used.

Teeth should be brushed daily, bacteria formation in the mouth should be prevented.

Drinks containing acid such as cola, alcohol and soda cause the filling to dissolve.

Those who have problems such as nail biting and clenching teeth at night should be treated. Otherwise, the fillings will not take place in the teeth for a long time.

Tooth Filling Price

The materials used in the filling vary. Fill in the form below to get a personalized dental filling price.

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