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Zirconium Porcelain

What is Zirconium Porcelain?

Porcelain veneers are generally used in dental veneers. However, those who want an aesthetic appearance and a more comfortable use now prefer zirconium veneers. When the zirconium material is passed through various processes and takes its final form, a solid and aesthetic workmanship emerges. It is possible to use this substance on both anterior and posterior teeth. This application, which is included in the crowning group without metal support, also eliminates the problem of tooth sensitivity. Zirconium is a treated substance. This product, which is obtained by making use of technology, differs from other coatings in many ways.

Reasons for Zirconium Crowning

The reasons for having zirconium crowning, which provides advantages in many ways, are countless. Let’s talk about a few of them in our article.

  • It is sensitive to hot-cold permeability due to its heat-resistant structure.
  • It contains mineral structures that prevent tooth sensitivity.
  • Light transmittance is very good. Thus, it prevents decay of natural teeth.
  • It does not harm the sense of taste. Since it is not metal supported, it does not cause changes in tastes.
  • It can be used easily in patients with aesthetic concerns.
  • It has a very solid structure.
  • While veneering is done, cutting and thinning processes applied to natural teeth are not applied.
  • It is fixed to the surface with a special adhesive.
  • Since it is a method that can be applied in a short time, it is the choice of patients who are pushed for time.
  • Color changes occurring in other crownings do not occur in zirconium crowning.
  • Since its surface is slippery, it does not allow the formation of tartar.

Who Is Zirconium Crown Applied To?

Although there is no special criterion for patients who want to have a zirconium crowning, it may be put on hold in some cases.

For patients whose tooth structure is not fully established, it is generally recommended to wait until the age of 18. Since the tooth and jaw structure can grow, the zirconium crowning made may be small.

Apart from this, there are patients who clench their teeth due to psychological problems, have their teeth locked, and have a habit of gnawing hard objects. These patients are recommended to have a treatment first and then a zirconium crowning. Because even though it is in a solid structure, zirconium crowning can also be damaged like natural teeth.

Except for these exceptional cases;

  • Those who have broken in their teeth,
  • Those who have decayed and damaged teeth,
  • Those who aim to whiten the color of the teeth in cases where the teeth whitening process is insufficient,
  • Those with a crooked tooth structure,
  • Those whose teeth are separated due to gingival recession,
  • Those whose gums are too high or low,
  • Those who have problems with lip closure due to irregular tooth alignment,
  • Those who have psychological problems due to laughing phobia,
  • Those whose tooth alignment is too long and too short,
  • Those who want their teeth to always look white and clean,
  • Those who do not have time and want to have smooth teeth as soon as possible,

Zirconium tooth crowning can be done easily.

How Long Does Zirconium Crowning Take?

It is a method that you do not need to spend long time as it is with metal supported crownings.

Every stage from the measurement phase to the final image is done in digital environment and in a short time.

You can have the teeth you want in a short time by deciding each stage together with your dentist. The most suitable zirconium crowning for your face is determined from tooth color to size. Photos of our faces are taken from different aspects. Then the zirconium crowning to be applied according to your wishes is placed on the photos. Thus, you will not encounter a surprise image. Moreover, all these processes are prepared in digital environment and completed within a week.

Zirconium Crowning Cost

Dental treatments include personalized applications. Every patient’s problem, need and wishe are different. Therefore, prices also vary. Some patients may need to be treated more than one procedure before crowning. In some, less cost may be incurred by directly applying zirconium crowning.

Your dentist will give the clearest answer in this regard at the first examination.

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