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Why is Zirconium Crowning Preferred?

Zirconium material has been used in aesthetic smile operations for many years. It is an advantageous treatment option due to its transparent, solid and natural appearance.

Zirconium crowning, which is in the crowning group without metal support, is quite different from the porcelain crowning method.

In Which Cases Is Zirconium Veneer Done?

This operation, which appeals to a wide audience, can be applied by almost everyone. Especially;

  • Those who have problems with the color of their teeth despite the bleaching method,
  • Those who do not have too much tooth gaps but are uncomfortable due to the gaps,
  • Those who have gingival recession or gum disease,
  • Those whose teeth are distorted,
  • Those who want a whiter and aesthetic smile,
  • In the destruction of teeth due to conditions such as breakage, decay, damage,
  • Those who want to have a crowning without damaging their natural teeth,

Patients with these complaints have zirconium veneers.

Why Zirconium Crowning?

There are various types of veneers as an alternative to problems occurring in teeth. With metal support, without metal support, porcelain, zirconium …

So why is zirconium veneer preferred mostly among so many options?

We can list the answer to this question as follows:

  1. It does not harm natural teeth due to its light transmittance.
  2. Since the surface structure is unstainable, it provides great advantage for people who use coffee, cigarettes etc.
  3. Zirconium material is very compatible with the gums. Therefore, it does not harm the gums.
  4. Thanks to its slippery surface, there will never be a matt appearance.
  5. It is a very easy and painless procedure in terms of application technique.
  6. Thinning, rasping and cutting operations are not performed as in other crownings. Therefore, it is applied without damaging your natural teeth.
  7. Since it is an application that does not require much processing in a short time, it does not cause any time problems.

Zirconium Crown Usage

We can say that the use of zirconium crowning is both comfortable and very simple. A little care will be enough. When you take care neatly and cleanly, you can easily use it for many years.

In addition, avoiding hard and shelled foods will increase the life of your zirconium crowning. The points we mentioned above also apply to your natural teeth.

How is Zirconium Crown Applied?

Zirconium crowning does not require you to go through a long and arduous process such as porcelain crowning. On the contrary, it is practical and saves time. It is an ideal application for those who want to have perfect teeth and appearance in a short time. Zirconium material, which has a thin, transparent structure, is applied by the sticking method. By using special techniques, a very robust process is obtained thanks to its special adhesive. It is easily applied as it does not harm natural teeth.

Using 3D technology, the patient’s tooth is handled with every dimension. The final state of the teeth is displayed in digital environment. Color selection is then made. The zirconium crowning prepared in accordance with the patient is finally applied to the patient.

In this process, the patient does not go to much control.

It does not have a problem of measuring of sizes continuously.

The molds used for measuring make some patients extremely uncomfortable. Zirconium is an alternative for patients who react to this condition.

Zirconium Crowning Durability

Zirconium Crowning has a very thin and transparent structure. It gives a natural appearance thanks to its transparency. This slim and transparent image brings to mind the issue of durability. It is very important for those who want to have the application to be durable. Zirconium has a durable and strong material content due to its structure. In particular, it can be called a rare substance for the anterior visual teeth. It is suitable to use for many years without breaking or falling. As with your natural teeth, crusted, very hard foods should not be broken by teeth. This is not just about zirconium. It is also valid for natural teeth.

Although zirconium is not used much for grinding molars, it is applied when desired.

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