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Implant application has increased significantly in recent years. Not only middle age patients, but also young people now get implants.

It is possible to answer the question of what is an implant as follows:

Instead of missing teeth, it can be called artificial tooth root obtained from titanium.

The jawbone in the area with tooth loss and the screw-like active substance called Implant unites and plays a role as the root. Thus, the stage of making a solid and functional tooth like natural teeth begins.

Who Is Implant Applied?

Today, the implant, which can be applied to people of almost all ages, is mostly;

  • Patients with loss of teeth due to various reasons,
  • Patients who lost all their teeth due to congenital dental disease,
  • Patients who are uncomfortable with the use of dentures,
  • Those who do not want to prefer other applications due to aesthetic concerns,
  • Patients with one or more loss of teeth,
  • In patients with single or rowed loss of teeth,
  • In patients who cannot use denture,

It is easily applied.

Who Cannot Have Implants?

Implant application can be applied to almost all patients with partial or complete loss of teeth. However, some tooth and gum structures can pose an obstacle to implant application. At the first examination, the dentist will look at these issues. The gums can dissolve over time. In this case, it is not possible to implant. The implant cannot be placed if there is not enough gingiva height because the implant is placed on the gingiva and knits.

Another issue is related to jaw development. Implant application is not recommended for patients who have not completed their adolescence period. The development process poses a problem as it may cause the implant to move from its place.

How is Implant Applied?

Among the false facts, implant application is painful and difficult. However, we can continue our article by saying that this information is absolutely not correct. Implant construction stages are generally as follows:

  • The locations of the missing teeth are examined and their suitability is determined.
  • If the gingiva is at a sufficient level, treatment is started immediately.
  • First, it is decided how many implants will be applied. In all cases with loss of teeth, it is aimed to fix the posterior molars and middle teeth by placing them in their places.
  • Then the areas where the implant will be placed are engraved as far as the screw will enter.
  • Since local anesthesia will be applied during this procedure, there is no pain sensation. However, you can feel the pressure of the dentist during the procedure.
  • The implant containing titanium is placed in the cavity.
  • After this process, the bone and implant are expected to knit. The waiting time varies according to the person.
  • After the implant is knitted with the jawbone, a porcelain crowning is placed on it with a tooth-like substance.

Implant Usage and Duration

Implant use is very easy and comfortable. Since there are no follow-up removal procedures like denture, it is used like a natural tooth. If you pay attention to cleaning factors such as daily brushing, dental floss, toothwash, it may be possible to use it for a lifetime.

Why Should I Have Implant?

If we say that there are too many reasons to have implant teeth, it is true. Some of those:

  • Implant is among the most suitable treatment methods for long-term use.
  • Since it is not a denture, it is used like a natural tooth. This increases your quality of life.
  • Since the implant content is made of titanium, it is very compatible with the gums.
  • It provides a very aesthetic posture for those who are uncomfortable with artificial appearance.
  • It provides a natural tooth comfort without problems such as gaps, contraction and loosening occurring in the crownings.
  • Some gums have an allergic reaction to metal. There is titanium in the structure of zirconium. Thus, no reactions such as swelling, bruising, inflammation, toothache, and discomfort in the gums are observed.

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