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Zirconium Crown

Zirconium is obtained by preparing the zircon material in accordance with the teeth and gums as a result of heat and processing. Zirconium tooth crowning, which is popular in aesthetic dental applications, especially by aesthetician of smile, provides advantages in many ways.

Zirconium crowning can be applied for various reasons. It is not necessary for the patient to have only aesthetic concerns.

Is zirconium crowning applied to all teeth? The question is among the most curious questions. When it comes to aesthetic concerns, it can only be perceived as the visible things. However, the situation regarding teeth is not looked at this way. Health and comfortable use are also included in the situation as well as visuality. For this reason, it is not right to make every beautiful application where desired. Fortunately, zirconium veneers offer both aesthetic need and a healthy and comfortable tooth structure together.

Is Zirconium Veneer Applied to Posterior Molar Teeth?

The posterior molar teeth are a bit more durable than ten teeth. They are resistant to pressure because they take on the task of chewing. Visually, zirconium material is transparent and thin. Therefore, the question of durability comes to mind. Zircon material, which is completely different in appearance and structure, is very durable and resistant. Therefore, it can be easily applied to all teeth.

Is There A Color Option In Zirconium Crown?

There are many color options in Zirconium Tooth crowning. You can apply the color you want to your teeth.

What to Consider When Choosing Crowning Color?

Everyone wants to have white teeth. Creating a well-groomed, clean and pleasant appearance, teeth are like the most important accessory of the face. You can get snow-white teeth. However, it is useful to remind an important detail.

Your skin and tooth color should not be unrelated to each other. If you want a natural look, you should not skip this detail. Because, when you want to get a beautiful image, you may encounter a striking tooth structure.

If the teeth are whiter than they should be, it can create a prosthodontics perception. A tooth color that does not match your face may also appear uncomfortable.

How Long Does Zirconium Crown Application To The Teeth Take?

The construction phase of porcelain veneers and their placement on the tooth can take a long time. Moreover, there could be troublesome in the dimensions and the time can be doubled when the tooth is adapted.

These situations are not the case for zirconium tooth crowning. After the zirconium is prepared, it is placed in the tooth very quickly. You leave the clinic without encountering problems such as measurement and incompatibility

How to Measure the Size in Zirconium Crowning?

In porcelain tooth making, a paste-like structure called tooth pulp is used to measure the size. The tooth mould is made by placing pulp on the tooth.

This procedure can cause problems such as nausea and disgust in most patients. However, in zirconium veneers, size is measured using 3D technology. Everything is done comfortably in digital environment with zero margin of error. Moreover, before the crownings are ready, you can see how you will look with the finished version thanks to the technology. A meticulous work is being carried out in order to prevent possible surprises. In this way, you can change the places you do not like as you want them to be and give the final shape by correcting the mistakes.

Zirconium Crown Usage Time

It is not right to say a general time on this matter. Matters such as how the person takes care of his teeth, how much attention he pays to cleaning, eating and drinking habits are among the important factors that determine the duration of the crowning. Patients who take good care of their teeth can use zirconium veneers for a period of fifteen or even twenty years. The prerequisite is of course to pay attention to what you eat, drink, and clean your teeth.

It is enough to show the sensitivity you show to your natural teeth to the zirconium crowning. There is no need for supplements such as extra care, products

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