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Bad breath usually occurs as a result of the breakdown of nutrients and other substances by bacteria. Bad breath is an important factor that provides information about people’s oral health. It is a serious problem affecting a large part of the population.

Is it related to teeth and gum diseases?

Bad breath often occurs when oral hygiene is poor. The neglected and inflamed gums, fungal infections, and tartar on the teeth are among the important factors in the formation of bad breath.

Does it have a correlation with the foods consumed?

Some foods have the ability to make bad breath. Smells made by these must be distinguished from others. Many bacteria causing bad breath were detected in the mouth environment. If the foods taken are not removed from the mouth in time, they cause bad breath. Again, some bacteria formed on the tongue for various reasons can also cause bad breath.

Is there a relationship between other diseases and bad breath?

In medical language, we call halitosis the problem of bad breath. There are some oral diseases associated with halitosis. These are dryness of the mouth, gum diseases, odontogenic infections, oral cancers, dental caries, aphtha and tartar. Bad breath problem can also be seen in diseases that are not related to the mouth. These are diseases of the respiratory system, sinus infections, diabetes, kidney and liver failure, and digestive system diseases.

Treatment against Smell

The most definitive treatment for bad breath is to prevent gum diseases and decays that cause bacteria in the mouth. Treatment is essential for this. In the case of odors originating from the oral cavity, the entire oral structure should be examined. Advanced gum diseases and decays should be treated. Oral infections should be eliminated.

Causes of Smell

  • Especially sinus and lung infections
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver failure
  • Metabolic disorders

Hunger, diet, dryness of mouth, fasting also cause bad breath. Because in liquid food deficiencies, fat and protein in the body begin to dissolve, the by-products of this metabolism manifest itself as bad breath.

Bad Breath the Reason for Divorce

Bad breath, which is the problem of many people, can also lead to divorce if detected by the delegation report. The Supreme Court decided to determine with a report whether the alleged mouth and body odor could be treated in a woman who was filed for divorce and whether it made the marital union intolerable.

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