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Again, a topic that most people misinterpret.

Does scaling harm the teeth?


You usually get about the following from people;

I had my teeth cleaned and it started to ache..

I had my teeth cleaned, there has been always a gap between them..

I had my teeth cleaned, it damaged my enamel…

I had my teeth cleaned and they started to color immediately..

So on…

Now; Let’s try to answer all of them one by one.

When teeth are not brushed properly, tartar is formed by the combination of the plaque layer remaining on the tooth surface and saliva.

It can vary in size according to situation, sometimes there are such large tartar that it pushes the gums and even the bone; therefore, the root surface actually appears. When we clean the tartar there, the root surface that is exposed causes stinging.

In other words, if there is no tartar or if it is cleaned regularly, the tartar will not push the gums and bone and the root surface will not be exposed, so there will be no pain.

The other issue is that when we clean the tartar, there are no gaps, in fact, they are the cavities that should be anatomically. After, it becomes so familiar that the normal starts to seem strange.

And of course tartar cleaning also causes trauma to the teeth, albeit minimal. It takes 3 weeks for this trauma to renew itself;

Naturally, we stay away from coloring materials (tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc.) in these 3 weeks. Otherwise, the previous colors will come back immediately.

In short, you need to have tartar cleaning at regular intervals, ie every 6 months. As long as this is done in this way, none of the above mentioned complaints will occur.

We wish everyone healthy days without tartar ?

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