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We would like to clarify the subject that everyone is curious about, which is misinterpreted by the public and even some of our colleagues.

Does bleaching harm the teeth?

Our answer is of course NO.

Simply classified, the part of our teeth visible in the mouth is called a “crown”. The crown consists of three parts; There is the “enamel” layer that we all know, that is the outer layer, the “dentin” layer just below the enamel and the “pulp” or nerve layer at the very end.

Why are we telling this?

Contrary to common belief, the layer that gives color to our teeth is not enamel but dentin layer. Yes, you were very surprised, there is more.

In order to whiten the teeth in clinical conditions, the GEL that we apply with laser has to pass through the enamel and go to the dentin layer.

If it does not reach the dentine layer, the bleaching process will fail.

Now, how will the bleaching material pass our intact enamel and reach dentin?

This is where the story begins..

The JEL we apply enlarges the tiny holes (pores) in the enamel layer that are difficult to see with the eye, but possible with microscope so that it can enter the dentine.

The more it enlarges during clinical practice, the more successful the bleaching will be. Our JEL make them enlarge, as it enlarges in order to do its job well, and the happy ending bleaching material reaches the dentin layer and changes the color of that layer.

But our JEL has made them big so much that the holes, it takes 21 days, or 3 weeks, for them to recover again, and are shrinking the fastest in the first 2 days. Naturally, our teeth become very sensitive and aching in the first 2 days. Here is the answer everyone is curious about; IT DOES NOT DAMAGE TO OUR TEETH, ONLY IT MAKES OUR HOLES ON THE ENAMEL ENLARGE AND MAKE SENSITIVITY.

Likewise, we do not want to use stainer products (coffee, cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, red wine, tomato paste, eggplant, etc.) for 21 days. Since the holes are open, these coloring products penetrate the teeth more quickly.

We are waiting for everyone to bleach for white smiles. ?

Author Dişçim İstanbul

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