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Knowing tooth brushing and applying it correctly is of great importance to have healthy teeth and gums. Just as wrong tooth brushing practices will not provide enough benefit, it can even damage our teeth.

Although there are many ways to brush teeth with toothbrushes, the knowledge of experts in this field should be used and applied exactly. We should use a soft-bristled toothbrush, a fluoride toothpaste, and change the toothbrush no later than every 3 months.

The first step to having healthy teeth and gums is learning to brush your teeth correctly.

It is sufficient to brush our teeth twice a day, ie two minutes in the morning and evening, and this 2-minute period should be evenly distributed on the lower and upper jaws where the teeth are located. You can also do this with a watch. While brushing teeth, the position of the toothbrush depends on which teeth we brush.

While brushing teeth;

  • We have to start from the inner and outer surfaces and brush all teeth by giving the brush a 45 degree angle.
  • We have to move to the chewing surfaces and brush by reciprocating motion
  • While brushing the inner surfaces of the anterior teeth, we should move the brush vertically and apply light brush strokes up and down with the tip of the brush.
  • We should brush gently along the gum line.
  • We must clean the food particles by brushing our tongue with a sweeping motion from the back to the front and remove the odor-causing bacteria to freshen our breath.
  • We should try to gently brush our upper palate for a more spacious feeling.

If you carefully apply what is written in these articles, you will use the correct technique. In order to protect the health of your teeth, you should keep this good habit constantly, see it as a behavior that must be done every day, and apply it. When you apply these, you will have clean and healthy teeth, and also you will get rid of the breath odor caused by the mouth and teeth that are not cleaned.

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