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It is a treatment that should be done when the dental pulp is damaged and lost its vitality due to deep decay or trauma.

Root canal treatment is the removal of the nerves in the tooth, shaping and cleaning of the root canals, and then filling the expanded canals.

There is no pain during the procedure after the anesthesia (numbness) required for the treatment.

The number of root canal treatment sessions may vary depending on the condition of the tooth. While root canal treatment can be performed in one session in uncomplicated teeth, several sessions are required for abscessed and inflamed teeth.

Since the temporary filling placed in the tooth between root canal treatment sessions will not support the tooth sufficiently, the area where the tooth is located should not be used to prevent the risk of breaking the tooth, and especially hard foods should not be chewed in that area.

There may be sensitivity when the tooth is pressed on the tooth for a short period after the root canal treatment is over. In this process, you should not use that area, and time should be given to the biological healing process of the tooth and surrounding tissues. These complaints will pass after a while.

The restoration of the tooth after root canal treatment is also very important in terms of keeping the tooth in the mouth for a long time. In cases where the tissue loss in the tooth is low, it can be repaired with filling. However, if the loss of substance is too much, the tooth must be protected in order to remain in the mouth for many years. For this purpose, onlay or crowning would be appropriate.

Although extraction of the tooth instead of root canal treatment is a more appropriate treatment in the first place, the implant or bridge application required to repair the gap formed is much more costly.

With the root canal treatment, the tooth continues to be used in that area, which prevents the bone in that area from melting as it provides active stimulation of the bone.

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