Let me first mention two important reasons for me to write this message. First of all, I believe it will be beneficial for you to receive feedback from your customers, especially from  your new customers, about “how things are going” at your new branch in your new neighborhood. Second, a little more personally, I try to choose the doctors that I have entrusted myself in terms of health as carefully as possible and also care about my relationships with them.

In addition,instead of verbally stating I chose to wrote. I did not want to occupy your time in your busy daily schedule and I thought it would be easier in electronic environment, maybe you want to share this with other managers / employees.

A brief “patient profile”: Our family dentist (from 40 years ) is now in his late 70’s and decided to spend the rest of his life in Ayvalık 5 years ago. I was looking for a new institution for my current treatment as the younger doctor who has been doing my treatments in the last 5 years has also changed cities. During this period, I received the opinions of many well-known doctors / institutions with the advice from the environment and my own research. I could not even allow some of them to touch, some of them were just insufficient.

As for my experiences at Dişçim Istanbul;

The first time I came to get ideas, you gave me the feeling that  as a doctor you know well what you have to do and you can do it. (As much as what you said, maybe more of my own feeling) This is trusting in your profession without making the mistake of arrogance with the patient as a doctor. This is important because it passes directly to the other person and makes them trust you. However, I had meetings after you, and they ensured that I understood that I wa not wrong in this feeling.

Although the doctor we work with after our family doctor is successful in terms of knowledge and technique, you have a light hand skill that I am longed for and saddened that young doctors only gain this with time and experience. Or maybe they do not become skilfull at all becuase this is quite distinctive, like surgeons  have. Let me explain how this feels in the patient as follows; When you wake up from treatment, there are times when you feel like you have “open brain surgery” and you get beaten up. On the other hand, let alone the aftermath, even during treatment, if I don’t know you are working, it is a process that I don’t feel you are there (non-anesthetic periods, of course). If this is an “acquired” feature, I think all dentists should try to have it.

It was really important for you to comply with me even though you were confused in your own schedule in terms of timing (I don’t know if it was conscious or there was confusion 😉 This and your accompanying easy accessibility and quick reply make the patient feel valuable.

I have seen that you do your job lovingly, excitedly, and devotedly in receiving opinions and treatments. If you had made suggestions such as “Unsolvable, let’s pull out .. Let’s do implant”, you would have made me see you as a easy going and short-cut income targeted doctor. Taking care of the tooth, choosing to protect it, spending time and effort on it, and maybe taking a little risk, separated you from other doctors / institutions I consulted. Moreover, considering the general condition of my teeth, isn’t it a commercial mind  not to lose the potential wide-ranging patient for short-term gain, besides medicine?

Regardless of the subject, I avoid getting services from people who do not like their job, or working with them or establishing collaborations. Never work with all of your doctors, staff and attendants who are “unhappy” and reflect this to the patient.

You may already know these from your experiences, but I wanted to say it. In this way, I would like to show how your general approaches are perceived by patients, and that you are on the right track, that you should protect and maintain them, that I want you use them as “customer-approved” indicators  guiding your current or future new teammates, perhaps even younger of them.

Another reason for my writing is just now occurring; I think every employee (including myself as an employee, my dentist, my doctor, or a waiter serving in the restaurant) deserves to hear about them.

You can also share it with your partners and employees in a way that they will not envy you (and be humble!)

I wish you happy time and have a nice working days in the new clinic.

Sohbet Aç