Dişçim İstanbul

Experts in their Fields

Our team consists of specialists, young and dynamic dentists who love their profession.

Innovative Applications

We follow the innovations in dental health and provide services using the latest technology.

Solution Focused Treatment

We listen to our patients and offer them appropriate treatment options.

Pleasant Service

We love our work very much, we make our patients comfortable by providing a pleasant service.

Our Story

Dişçim İstanbul was founded in 2014. We brought a new dynamic approach to dentistry with our young and expert team and our excellent and pleasant service. Our clinic is open until midnight Mon-Sat because your health is very important to us.

Our Mission

Everybody deserves to be treated with respect and a positive approach at a high quality clinic. Our job is to meet your expectations in dental health care.

Our Vision

Our goal is to offer you preventative, cosmetic and restorative dental services at reasonable prices using the latest technology.

Dental Tourism

Treatment Planning

We review your pre-trip x-rays, provide information about phone treatment planning, procedures and fees.

We arrange a pre-interview with your chosen dentist, and we provide pre-treatment counseling.

Appointment: We schedule your appointment on your desired dates. We plan efficiently to leave you enough time to enjoy your visit.

Transportation: We meet our patients at the airport, and at the end of the visit, drop them off at the airport in luxury vehicles.

Hotel Reservation: We make your hotel reservation from the accredited hotels based on your needs.


Happy Letters

You can read the notes left by our visitors here, and you can leave a note.

Çekmeköy Dişçim Istanbul is very successful

Çekmeköy Dişçim Istanbul provides good service with its very successful doctors. This is the only place I apply to fix my poorly made teeth.

serhat budak

Thank you 😊

I would like to thank all the doctors, especially my dear Dentist Tuğba Uslu, and their valuable staff. During my treatment process, they were both very caring and very professional and made me spend the best way. Thanks again and love.❤

Duygu önder


Hello there, I had root canal treatment in your Taşdelen branch 3 years ago and I was not satisfied since the day I had it, and it started to cause pain in the last period. I came back to your polyclinic recently and this time my doctor was Mr. Mehmet. Frankly, when I came, I… Read more “Thanks”

Sinem Güler

You Can Really Trust

I have had a lot of treatments so far and have not had any problems. I would like to thank you to the family of Discim Istanbul primarily my doctor Tuce Altan.

Tamer Akar

Recommend to everyone

One night, when my toothache became unbearable, I made an appointment on the internet, it lasted about 15 seconds, and the next morning they called and I went. I got an appointment from Mr. Serhat, but I did not know him. I was worried that I had never had root canal treatment before, but Serhat… Read more “Recommend to everyone”

Yağız Karşın

A Very Excellent and Clean Clinic

It is a very perfect and clean clinic, each dentist is an expert in their field and the receptionists are very caring. Since it was opened, I had all my treatments and controls done here. They are definitely doing a great job.

Alev Ecevitoğlu

Thank you again to the entire Dişçim Istanbul team

With my friend’s recommendation, Dr. I met Serhat Özer and his team in 2016. Everyone, from my friends greeting you at the information desk to the management, is very friendly and caring. Especially for orthodontic treatment,You can go to Dr. Cihan Aydoğan for implant treatment to Dr. Mehmet Güner and for all treatments to Dr.… Read more “Thank you again to the entire Dişçim Istanbul team”

Yasemin Demirci

A clinic that anyone can go with peace of mind.

I went to the clinic dreadingly for a difficult tooth extraction. Mr. Mehmet successfully pulled a buried and crooked visdom tooth extraction. There was neither pain nor swelling. It has never been like I feared. I panicked so much in vain. He is constantly informing during the extraction which is an important point in terms… Read more “A clinic that anyone can go with peace of mind.”

Didem İnal

Thank you

After my trauma living through based on dentist in the past, I beat my growing phobia of the dentist thanks to Dr. Yalçın Aydın’s sincerity, descriptive approach and being a doctor not only as a title but also in a true sense. On the other hand, it is a sincere but professional institution that helps… Read more “Thank you”

Burak Gönülşen


Thanks to the whole team, especially my doctor Serhat, who took my pain to provide me a beautiful smile although going there because of toothache. I will take the rest of my family to control as soon as possible.

Gökçe Örkmez

Hello from Australia!

Hello. I’m seaman Hasan İpek. I would like to congratulate all of your employees’ new year and wish them happy and healthy days. Greetings from Australia.

Hasan İpek

Great Smile!

Dişçim Istanbul family is the biggest proof that success is not a coincidence. I would like to thank my doctor Serhat for bringing me together to my wonderful smile today, of course cheerful and caring Dişçim Istanbul team.

Hülya Yazlıkiçi Orhan


It’s not a clinic, almost it’s an art gallery @discimistanbul

Efe Bodur

Comment by Ms. Fatma

@discimistanbul is a great place where satisfaction is at the forefront.

Fatma Peker

Ms.Beyhan’s advice

A very beautiful dental hospital with a warm reception, close attention to the patient, tolerant approach and its specialist doctors! I would recommend it to everyone.

Beyhan Hanım

Nice words from Ms. Ayda

The prices are affordable, the staff is attentive and very decent, the doctors are extremely skillful and professional, the equipments are first class… What more could one ask for?

Ayda Güner

There is a nice letter from Kadıköy

Hello, Let me first mention two important reasons for me to write this message. First of all, I believe it will be beneficial for you to receive feedback from your customers, especially from  your new customers, about “how things are going” at your new branch in your new neighborhood. Second, a little more personally, I… Read more “There is a nice letter from Kadıköy”

Çiğdem Ergün


Thanks for your interest and cleanliness:)

İrem koca

Strongly Recommended

Thanks to our doctor Banu Çiçek, my children come to the dentists office like its home, she is a wonderful doctor. ❤️❤️❤️ Highly recommended.

GBM #saveralph
Dişçim İstanbul Corporate
Sohbet Aç